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Al Ameer has been an online store for the longest time and it was smooth sailing until we realized we needed more exposure. We needed to put a face to the brand. We needed to be more out there. This year, 2022, is the first year we started signing up for conventions, bazaars, and in- person events to showcase our brand. The response has been tremendous and we've made so many "forever" clients. So far we have done 9 events around Houston and Dallas- we are scheduled to do 25 events in total by the end of the year. What I've realized and learned so far is that this opportunity we have is golden. Coming in person gave a chance to local people to know my brand, touch the fabrics, and see the quality in person. And you know what they say, "Seeing is believing." People all around the United States have started purchasing Al Ameer and getting to know our great quality. Our percentage of 2nd time customers have been increasing because people trust this name: AL AMEER. I am proud of our expansion for this year and am looking forward to doubling the number of events we do for next year, 2023!