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About Us


Al Ameer® |الأمير A Clothing brand that blends quality fabric with lavish designs.
Al Ameer was founded by a team of strong, ambitious, and creative individuals. Having more than 20 years of combined experience in the apparel industry, we celebrated our official launch in 2020. The name, “Al Ameer,” is an Arabic word that translates to “The Prince.” This name instantly clicked because this is exactly what our vibe is all about. Royal, Extravagant, and Luxury. We will continue to strive and present our customers with the utmost quality and satisfaction that they deserve. 
Our mission is to inspire individuals around the world to feel confident in what they wear. Al Ameer is not afraid to create trends and produce unique styles. Offering all sizes, as each style is perfected to compliment all body types. Al Ameers hand-crafted designs will make you feel like real-life royalty.



A lot of who I am is incorporated in Al Ameer and I feel so blessed to have started something like this in my life. Firstly the name itself. Since I am an Hafiz-ul-Quran, I've always been in love with the Arabic language which is the inspiration behind a lot of words we use for Al Ameer. Second is, would I myself wear Al Ameer? The biggest thing I wanted to stress when creating my own brand was quality products. If it's not something I can proudly say is great then I will never include it in my brand. We have hundreds of unused samples that are just sitting in the warehouse and they will never be sold by Al Ameer. Each product goes through months of designing and then days of testing. Lastly, how easy will it be for someone like me to order from Al Ameer? I know myself and I know the majority of men don't stress too much about planning ahead for an event. But I also know that when the event comes then we want something great. It's hard to find that last minute in boutiques because the price tags are so high. It's also not likely we'll order something online because those things take months to get delivered. I took all these things into account when creating Al Ameer because I don't want people to face any unexpected loopholes like I previously experienced. Al Ameer is as real as it gets.

What inspired you?

Every time I go to an event, I love to be the life of the party because it's just a part of who I am. Though there's only one thing that will allow myself to go to an event - it's how I dress. There's just something about dressing nice that makes you feel nice on the inside. This need to find nice clothing was forever a problem because it was just so hard to shop for quality that also fits my style but that's when it hit me. I need to create a brand that has all the elements I look for because I know darn well others look for the same things too. 




 I believe Al Ameer is the perfect home for me to spread my wings and really let my creativity shine. As a young girl I’ve always been in love with the idea of creating my own business and now when I look at Al Ameer, it makes me feel alive.  Umer and I had started working on Al Ameer when we were just a few months into our marriage. To start something together had been our dream for the longest time so yes, you can definitely say this was a dream come true. As I am doing product research, designing new items, and out connecting with more people- I really see the shy quiet girl inside me slowly breaking through which I never thought was possible. When we were creating Al Ameer we wanted to focus on boosting confidence as a key part of our mission and I never realized it would take effect on me myself! It's much more than just designing and shipping our products, it's about making a difference in the world with Al Ameer. It’s about letting your self esteem shine.

Who inspires you?

My parents. Their altruistic and resilient nature inspires me. They were immigrants to a foreign country and had only two options in front of them: to learn to survive or not to survive. The thought of leaving your family, your degree, and everything you own to go across the world and start fresh, is the bravest thing in the entire world. They only had one thing on their mind: to provide the best life for their two daughters- and that's exactly what they did. They are my foundation and they will forever be my inspiration.