Matching Outfits as a Family – AL AMEER

Matching Outfits as a Family

I have worked tirelessly day and night to get Al Ameer to where it is now. Although, it is not nearly to where I would want it to be but it is starting to pick up. I am so thrilled as we get more orders, more grooms, as more brides are starting to trust us! Al Ameer is now a name most people know in the Houston Area. I know my clothing brand is something I want to keep doing for a lifetime and will keep on growing stronger. Eid Al Adha 2021 has just passed a few days ago and we received an influx of Eid pictures from people who purchased an outfit from us. Since this is the FIRST time ladies clothes were released, we were so thrilled to see everyone was wearing Al Ameer as a FAMILY. All the husbands and wives were wearing matching outfits and the siblings, mom/dad, mom/daughters father/sons were also MATCHING! It felt pretty good to bring back matching outfits and make it cool again. Atleast I think it's cool. 


I know everyone enjoyed the Eid Al Adha collection more than any other collection we released. Now my goal for every month is to come out with bigger and better designs. Each outfit better than the last. I gain my inspiration for each outfit from every day life. A movie scene, a color/pattern I see in nature, different foods (food has a lot of beauty), the weather...etc. I like to mix things up and I hope to try more bold designs in the future. 


Any groomsmen or bridesmaids looking for matching outfits for your south asian events- AL AMEER IS THE PLACE TO LOOK. Email us if you need to place a custom order- we can help!


P.S. This picture makes me happy. This is a picture that was sent to us from Eid Al Adha 2021.